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About Us

- Founder of the Kids Against Drugs Campaign - Established in November 2016

- Donates & volunteers in the Inland Empire, San Diego & Los Angeles Counties with family members at event that have 20, 300, 2,000 plus people attending.

- Provides food, backpacks, school supplies, clothes, toys Easter baskets and so on to children in need. Enjoys encouraging people to live a Drug-Free Life Style. Enjoys helping people. Love's bargain shopping with their family members to buy items for the less fortunate.

- Donated 90% of their new/used clothing, new/used toys, hygiene & cleaning products to Hurricane​ Harvey fundraiser. Also helped organize items & made cards.

- Provided school supplies for kids in need in Tijuana, Mexico.

- Has hosted over five Chick- Fil-A Family night events. (Providing all activities, prizes.) Has joined up with other companies to volunteer at their event doing things from face painting or cleaning up. Host yearly events of their own in low income areas and high-income areas. (Why volunteer in high-income areas? Just because a child's parent has more money than someone else doesn't mean they're taking their children out to have fun on the regular.)

Our Mission:

To Educate Our Communities On The Importance Of Living A Drug Free Lifestyle.
By Providing Drug Prevention Education, Relapse Prevention, Recovery Resources & More!

To Host Free & Affordable Fun, Relaxing, Socializing
 Events For Children & Their Families.
Where There Are No Long Lines & We Have Enough For Everyone Attending.    

* Socialization is important for children because it teaches them how to interact, talk, read and write and how to tell right from wrong.

* 5 years old is a great age to talk to your kids about drugs. No matter your race, age, location or finances - Drugs are everywhere. Kids brains need to fully develop. Kids need a drug free environment. Kids need to have a happy healthy life. Spread the word. Thank you. :)